Low NOx Burners

Low NOx Boilers


Lower Emissions with Low NOx Burners from IB&M.

If your facility is required to meet low NOx (sub-30 ppm) emission requirements, IB&M can help you comply. We offer several low NOx boiler burner options that provide better fuel/air mixing at the point of combustion for efficient operation with high turndown and excellent excess air control.


Is low NOx a low priority?


Low NOx burners can significantly reduce overall nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and reach levels under 30 ppm by delivering:


  • Low Excess Air – One of the factors influencing NOx formation in a boiler is the excess air level. Advanced controls can closely monitor and control the fuel/air ratio to improve fuel/air distribution and mixing (by sensing combustion air temperature and automatically varying the fan speed to create a constant air flow mass for combustion). Limiting the amount of excess O2 entering a flame via oxygen trim controls helps reduce NOx emissions.
  • High Turndown – High Turndown Burners are designed to remain operating and on line during load swings (instead of cycling on-and-off - wasting energy and increasing component wear and tear), and quickly change firing rates to meet new load requirements and maintain a constant steam pressure that support process requirements. IB&M can provide low NOx burners with a turndown as high as 12 : 1 for natural gas.
  • Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) – FGR meters a percentage of flue gas, reintroducing it back into the combustion air supply, increasing or decreasing the percentage of FGR based on the amount of reduction in NOx required.


Selecting the right low NOx burner


Depending on your application, load, fuel and emission requirements, we have several low NOx burner options to meet your needs.


JBS(X) low nox burners
JBS(X) Series
Webster JBS(X) series low NOx burners are offered from 40 to 300 BHP, fire natural and digester gas, LP, and #2 fuel oil as well as a combination of gas and oil. This high swirl burner provides excellent flame stability for very low NOx performance.


HDRV(X) low nox burners
HDRV(X) Series
Webster HDRV(X) series low NOx burners fire 10 to 32MMBtu/Hr on natural or LP gas, mixed or digester gas, and all grades of fuel oil. This forced draft register burner provides high combustion efficiency and versatile installation options.


HDS(X) low nox burners
HDS(X) Series
Webster HDS(X) series low NOx burners are offered from 200 to 1500 BHP, and fire natural and digester gas, LP, and #2 fuel oil as well as a combination of gas and oil. This high swirl burner provides excellent flame stability for very low NOx performance.


Trust the low NOx burner specialists at IB&M


IB&M can help you meet low NOx emission requirements and save on operating and fuel costs. Talk to us about a low NOx burner for your process needs or to learn the advantages of upgrading existing burners and equipment for greater efficiency. Call the low NOx experts at IB&M today at (855) 753-2645.

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