Process Heaters
Industrial process heaters


Minimize heat transfer energy costs.

Generally found in closed-loop thermal fluid heat transfer systems that require high levels of efficiency, process heaters transfer and process heat to tanks, dryers, steam generators, chillers, presses and other equipment. Industrial Boiler & Mechanical can install, configure, pre-test, calibrate, and service all process heater components, as well as provide all necessary replacement equipment. IB&M can also provide reconditioned Hot Oil Heaters or rebuild your unit onsite.


With thermal output ranging from 0.5 to 60 million BTU/hr, there is a process heater suitable for any heat transfer system that will help minimize energy costs. Process Heaters feature high thermal efficiencies, and range up to 91.5 percent LHV, depending upon fluid outlet temperature and fuel type. Our services include:


•    Consultation to determine best system for your operation
•    Customization and design to your specifications
•    Professional installation, testing, tuning and calibration
•    Parts, maintenance and repairs to extend the process heater’s lifecycle


Heat Transfer Fluids


To protect your process heater from corrosion and breakdown, IB&M carries Heat Transfer Fluids designed to handle temperatures from -175 °F (-115 °C) to 750° F (400° C). Dowtherm™ fluids are based on a synthetic organic make-up, which helps thermal stability, creating better heat transfer and longer fluid life.  Therminoltm carries a diverse line of synthetic fluids that provide excellent heat transfer performance and long service life.


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Solutions Partners


Heatec designs and manufacture process heaters, thermal fluid heaters, and regeneration gas heaters for industrial processes. Additionally, Heatec specialized in hot oil heaters, asphalt tanks, polymer blending systems and other equipment solutions for the asphalt industry.
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IB&M supplies, installs and sevices auxiliary boiler room equipment and systems from leading industry manufactuers including:




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