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Industrial propane fuel systems


Complete propane service for your steam plant needs.

IB&M offers the complete line of packaged propane systems, LPG vaporizers, air mixers, and blenders from Alternate Energy Systems for use in LPG standby plants. As a complete propane service provider, we can size propane systems based on your plant's load requirements, as well as offer complete installation, commissioning, and maintenance. IB&M can also relocate your existing propane storage tank from another facility to your required location. This would include flaring off your existing tank.


Packaged propane vaporizer systems include wiring, controls, and monitoring equipment mounted on a single skid to facilitate quick delivery and installation. IB&M can customize your propane system in-house or on-site to retrofit existing flow controls, LGP inlets, electrical supplies, mixed gas outlets, or gravity meters.


Propane fuel system - is it right for your facility?


When evaluating a propane fuel system for stand-by operation, there are several factors you’ll need to consider, such as:

  • What is the natural gas pressure at your facility?
  • What is required generated stand-by gas capacity in BTUs/Hr?
  • What is the required fuel storage capacity?
  • What insurance codes (FM, NFPA 58, etc.) are required at your facility?
  • What other equipment like fork lifts and bottle stations will require propane?
  • Do you need redundancy, such as a duplex pump system or plant air for high pressure systems?


All Alternate Energy Systems packaged propane systems, LPG vaporizers, and air mixers meet the stringent standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), NFPA 58, and all IRI requirements.


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Alternate Energy
Alternate Energy Systems, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of LPG Vaporizers, LPG Vapor / Air Mixers, and complete Systems for use as standby plant or for peak shaving. They manufacture the most complete line of individual components and packaged standby equipment available in the industry. These components and packages, complete with interconnecting piping, wiring, and control and monitoring equipment, are thoroughly factory tested, and are ready for connection to liquid LPG supply, properly sized electrical supply, and mixed gas outlet.
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