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27 Oct 2017

What does a Clean Power Plan rollback mean for emissions reduction?

What does a Clean Power Plan rollback mean for emissions reduction?

According to the Trump administration, the EPA’s repeal of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan will bring back the fossil fuel industry and relax emissions standards for reducing greenhouse gases.


28 Sep 2017

Give the gift of boiler maintenance this year!

Give the gift of boiler maintenance this year!

While annual inspections are mandatory to receive a certificate of operation, commercial boilers and auxiliary boiler equipment should to be properly maintained to ensure safe operation and long service life despite the legal mandate.


5 Sep 2017

Winter is NOT the time to blow off steam

Winter is NOT the time to blow off steam

Every year winter results in increased demands for steam. While the weather comes as no surprise, what is surprising is the number of facilities and steam plant managers who fail to adequately prepare their boiler systems and simply cross their fingers, hoping that this won't be the year they have problems.


24 May 2017

Is Low NOx a low priority?

Is Low NOx a low priority?

With the future of EPA compliance assurance and enforcement in a state of flux based on recently proposed budget cuts and agency downsizing, the demand for low and ultra low NOx emissions will likely remain a requirement in many cases for boiler operators.


8 Sep 2016

Heat transfer fluid recommendations

Heat transfer fluid recommendations
Without proper rust inhibitors and maintenance, stand-by propane vaporizers are at risk for failure due to heat transfer fluid corrosion. Learn what you need to know to keep your system at peak preparedness.
Author: John Smith

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5 Sep 2017

Winter is NOT the time to blow off steam

Winter is NOT the time to blow off steam

Author: Steve Slatton  /  Categories: Steam Plant Maintenance  /  Rate this article:
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The winter months always bring about increased steam demands which can stress and overload a boiler system. Rather than waiting until the cold weather is already here and having to deal with a boiler that has reached its limit – companies should consider preventive solutions in the fall to be prepared.  

Prepare your steam plant this winter by:

  • Inspecting your current boiler. Most boilers and pressure vessels in the United States above 15 psi design require an annual inspection and should include opening the boiler, review of tubes, tube sheets, level controls, calibration and performance testing, and assessment of related equipment. Don’t learn you have issues the hard way by waiting until a problem arises when you steam the most.  
  • Renting a mobile boiler. Emergency maintenance during the winter season can be a significant challenge.  Renting a boiler is a cost-effective way to keep your plant up and running during emergency maintenance periods as well as during planned shut downs. Depending on your space and steam needs, options can include trailer or skid mounted firetube or watertube units, as well as vertical boilers or electric boilers. Mobile boiler rooms, or Boiler in a Box solutions are completely enclosed and ready to go upon delivery with all the necessary equipment you need for quick connection and operation.  

Winter is right around the corner and with it comes increased steam demands. Companies should plan accordingly and look for a qualified boiler service provider that has expertise in winterizing a steam plant, depth of fleet, fast turn-around and on-hand rental boiler inventory.

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12 comments on article "Winter is NOT the time to blow off steam"

Jane Carter

10/12/2017 10:01 PM

I think latest technology boiler can give extreme heat to the water and it can do it in no time.

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5/17/2018 3:54 AM

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8/21/2018 4:54 AM

In the event that you live in a specific sort of building, you can be excused for keeping your windows broke, notwithstanding amid the Polar Vortex. In more seasoned units, with similarly old steam warming systems, controlling your condo temperature can feel almost impossible.

Rhianna Hawk

10/30/2018 7:44 AM

My workplace definitely had trouble keeping up with steam demands last year with our current boiler system, and I think that you're right that renting an extra one to help keep up would be very beneficial. I think my boss mentioned looking into something like that a week or so ago, so I'll have to check up with him and see if he's found any good mobile boilers we can rent. I think that boiler in a box might be a good thing to look into, as it has all of the equipment necessary to run the system with it, as you said, and would be easy to implement into our current system.


12/5/2018 11:38 PM

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12/5/2018 11:40 PM

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