Boiler In A Box
Boiler in a box


Save time and money with pre-packaged boilers.

Boiler in a Box is one of the most cost-effective options when purchasing a customized, pre-assembled boiler system without the time delay and expense of hiring an outside boiler installer to integrate the new boiler into your system.


From the initial contact, IB&M steam plant specialists consult with you to understand your specific plant requirements. Once the specifications have been determined, our team then assembles a custom designed boiler in a box solution based on your requirements.


IB&M’s Boiler in a Box set-ups are sent from our facility and arrive to you fully packaged with all valves, fittings, manifolds, wiring, pumps, pressure safety controls and all necessary commissioning and certifications.


Boiler in a Box Installation

Simple step-by-step directions, detailed labeling, and a boiler installation diagram make the Boiler in a Box installation process as easy as possible.  IB&M has over 30 years of experience preparing and packaging systems that our customers find simple and intuitive to assemble and connect to their overall system.


Common Boiler in a Box Applications

IB&M provides custom Boiler in a Box systems for customers across the United States and throughout the world.  For remote facilities that lack easy access to specialized parts and certified technicians, Boiler in a Box is an especially good option to make sure projects stay on time and within budget.


Our custom boiler systems are widely used throughout oil production facilities around the world. Former clients include Shell Oil and Exxon, as well as a host of other facilities from Western African to the Eastern Coast of Russia.


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