Electric Boilers

More design flexibility with less operational cost.

IB&M is a distributor for Precision Boiler Company and offers a wide selection of new and used electric boilers that can be sized to meet your specific application requirements. Electric heating boilers generate steam for process purposes by converting electrical energy into thermal energy.


Electric boilers help cut operating costs by up to half a million dollars per year by taking advantage of off-peak power rates. Additional benefits of electric steam boilers include:


•    Simple design lowers maintenance requirements
•    Ample room in the control cabinet facilitates easy expansion
•    Cost-effective thermal energy usage during off peak power rates
•    16 gauge cabinet and structural steel base


PCW Compac Electric Water Heater

Water heater placement for retrofit or new construction is easy with the compact PCW electric water heater. With dimensions as small as 52" H x 20" W x 30" D and weights starting at 600lbs, the PCW Compac is versatile enough for any application.


PCW is available from 15kW to 720kW, and has one of the highest efficiency ratings in its class. Users can take advantage of off-peak power rates using PCW's user-friendly remote monitoring and control options.


HVJ High Voltage Electrode Boiler

The HVJ Electrode Boiler provides efficient, low-cost steam generation that cuts operating costs by lowering the cost of KWH. The HVJ produces steam almost immediately on startup, and is 99.7% efficient compared to typical gas boilers.


For more information on electric steam boilers, electric water heaters, and high voltage electrode boilers, contact our experienced boiler Equipment Sales division today at (855) 753-BOILER.

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Precision Boilers makes electric hot water and steam boilers, electric hot water storage tanks, atmospheric gas-fired copper-finned tube and power gas-fired vertical firetube boilers and water heaters, unfired water heaters, steam generators, storage tanks, and pressure vessels (flash tanks, air receivers, air separators, bypass feeders, blowdown tanks, and condensate return/boiler feedwater systems). Precision Boilers serves the hydronic heating, plumbing, and process industries.
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