Boiler Burners

Boiler burners


Achieve peak efficiency for all combustion systems.

If you’re in the market for a new boiler or replacing an underperforming boiler, Industrial Boiler and Mechanical can recommend and install a new burner system that will help you achieve peak boiler efficiency and dependability. We specialize in burner efficiency upgrades for all combustion systems, including heaters, kilns, driers, furnaces, and boilers. We also can convert your coal fired boiler over to natural gas and/or fuel oil. IB&M provides complete service for this conversion which would include design engineering, equipment procurement, removing of existing system, installation of upgraded burner and full system start-up.


Our inventory of Webster Combustion and Faber burners incorporate the latest advancements in boiler efficiency technology, and can be retrofitted to replace obsolete burners regardless of make or manufacturer. Industrial Boiler & Mechanical Company can also provide burner service and upgrades for dryers, coaters, industrial ovens and furnaces.


Meet emissions requirements with low NOx burners


When your facility must meet low NOx (sub 30 ppm) or ultra low NOx (sub 9 ppm) emissions requirements, IB&M can help you get there, generating considerable efficiency savings in the process. Select a burner choice below for more information and burner series details:

Low NOx Burners

Ultra Low NOx Burners


Our experienced engineering staff can make an assessment of your steam and power requirements to ensure your system is paired with a burner that meets or exceeds today's stringent emission standards.


Contact IB&M's Equipment Sales experts at (855) 753-BOILER to discuss a custom burner solution for your steam plant operation.

Solutions Partners


Webster is a growth oriented designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative, high value commercial, institutional and industrial combustion equipment. Offering products that are truly systematically customized through the extensive use of a broad range of options. Webster’s proven designs can offer multiple fuel flexibility, high efficiency, low emissions, and high turndown burners for new applications or retro-fit of existing installations.

IB&M proudly represents Webster burner products in GA, AL, middle and east TN, middle and south MS, and the FL panhandle.


Faber Burner Company specializes in combustion equipment & combustion systems for industrial, commercial, and utility applications, building high performance equipment since 1926. This combustion equipment can be found on package & field erected boilers, fluid bed boilers, refuse boilers, recovery boilers, high temperature water generators, and a variety of applications in which performance, reliability, and longevity are essential.
JB Burner Series
Webster's JB burner series is a highly configurable forced draft burners for industrial firetube and watertube boilers and thermal fluid heaters. Capable of achieving low NOx levels, the JB series fires a combination of gas, oil, renewable or alternative fuels. JB burners are engineered for maximum combustion efficiency and extremely low electrical consumption.
EJB Burner Series
Webster EJB burners are economical, durable and easy to start up and service. Adaptable to fit most furnace configurations and combustion environments, EJB burners are extremely versatile, and the same configuration can be used in multiple applications to provide stable and efficient combustion.
JBS Burner Series
Webster's JBS (standard gas and/or oil-fired burner) and JBSX (low NOx burner - 40 to 300 BHP) high swirl burners offer industry leading combustion efficiency with low excess air. With turndown rates as high as 12:1 for natural gas, Webster's JBS burners also feature an advanced head design with an ability to provide dual manifolds to handle multiple fuels for challenging alternative fuel applications. Both models fire natural and digester gas, LP, and #2 fuel oil as well as a combination of gas and oil. The entire series is UL/cUL listed for gas and # 2 oil.
JBFX / HDFX Burner Series
Webster's JBF(X) and HDF(X) series burners utilize fiber mesh, surface combustion technology to achieve single digit NOx emissions without the use of Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR), and cover a range from 10HP up to 500HP. Suitable for firetube and watertube boilers, process heaters, and other applications, Webster 'FX' burners will operate with stability and dependable heat transfer in a wide range of operating conditions. Webster JBFX/HDFX burners come to you ready for installation and connection to fuel and electrical supplies for quick start-up.
HDRV Burner Series
Webster's mid-range HDRV Burner Series offers superior combustion performance for larger commercial, institutional, and industrial applications, and is capable of firing a combination of gas, oil, renewable or alternative fuels. These burners are also capable of achieving low NOx levels for industrial watertube boilers, thermal heaters and firetube and commercial watertube boilers. The HDRV series is offered in several orientations and configurations and can be installed vertically, horizontally, left or right to accommodate even the most unique on-site conditions.
HDS Burner Series
Webster's HDS Burner Series provides improved mixing and flame stability for firetube boilers, watertube boilers, and industrial applications. Using a unique housing with low excess air requirements and high swirl firing head, the HDS can be configured as an HDSX where low NOx is required. HDS and HDSX High Swirl burners reduce emissions while providing higher turndowns, and fire natural and digester gas, LP, and #2 fuel oil as well as a combination of gas and oil.
HDR-RF Burner Series
Webster's HDR-RF burner is a versatile, full register burner for industrial firetube and watertube boiler applications with high efficiency remote fan. Available as a standard gas and/or oil fired burner, and as a low NOx burner (HDRSX-RF), this series is capable of burning a wide range of fuels from Natural, LP and low BTU gas to all commercially available grades of fuel oil and qualified waste oil. It provides high turndown (12:1 on gas) and flame shaping to fit different furnace configurations.
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