Feed Water Systems
boiler feedwater systems


Decrease costs and extend the life of your boiler.

Feed Water Systems can maximize the life and efficiency of a wide variety of boilers. IB&M carries atmospheric, pressurized deaerator feed water systems, duo tank systems and custom built systems to fit your specialized space. Steady spray type deaerators deliver 30,000 lbs/hr, and tray deaerators handle load swings up to 500,000 lbs/hr that are designed to maximize your boiler feed water usage.


Deaerator (DA) Feed Water Systems have multiple cost-reduction benefits:  flash steam recovery, oxygen removal and increased feedwater temperature. IB&M carries an array of DA systems and can provide custom built feed water systems to your specific needs and space requirements.


There must be something in the water...
Common boiler problems, part 3: poor water treatment


Feed-Pac Boiler Feed & Condensate Systems


IBM offers a full line of standard boiler feed and condensate systems with elevated receivers through BFS Industries. These are equipped with heavy gauge carbon steel tanks in standard capacities from 30 gallons to 2000 gallons. Pumps are available in centrifugal or regenerative turbine types and vertical or horizontal configurations to fit your application.


We can also customize tank sizes, materials, configuration, electric controls and pumps of any style or manufacturer for non-standard requirements.


Pressurized DA Systems

Spray Type DA Systems (Spray/Scrubber Deaerators) are for boilers that maintain steady loads and stable water inlet temperatures. BFS Spray Feed Water Systems range from 3,500 lbs/hr to 500,000 lbs/hr and higher.


Tray Type DA Systems are ideal for systems where the load swings and inlet water temperatures tend to vary.


These units are engineered to maintain deaeration efficiency under extreme and changing conditions and the trays can be customized into vertical orientation, single/dual compartment, and single skid arrangements.


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BFS Industries offers spray, tray and packed column deaerators which have a wide product range from 3,500 lbs/hr to 500,000 lbs/hr and higher. In the spray type unit, water is sprayed into a pressurized steam atmosphere (first stage deaeration) in order to preheat and partially deaerate the incoming water. The water is then directed to the scrubber (second stage deaeration) where the water is violently scrubbed to remove the final traces of oxygen. The steam acts as a carrier gas, to expel the removed oxygen out the vent. The deaerated water is then ready for use by the boiler, at saturated temperature and with oxygen levels at .005 cc/liter.
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