Valve & Pump Repair
Industrial valve & pump repair


We can repair, rebuild or replace.

IB&M is your go-to source for all your industrial valve and pump needs. Created in 2007, the IB&M Valve and Pump Repair division provides repair and rebuilds of industrial valves and process/feedwater pumps used throughout the industrial, utility and utility industry. We subject all equipment to an extensive process of repair and testing at our Chattanooga, TN facility.


We have over 40 years of experience repairing:


•    Boiler Valves

•    Globe Valves

•    Angle Valves

•    Ball Valves

•    Steam Valves

•    Needle Valves

•    Blowdown Valves


•    Feed Valves

•    Pressure and Mixing Valves

•    Boiler Relief Valves

•    Boiler Drain Valves

•    Boiler Diverter Valves

•    Manual Stop Check Valves

•    Feedwater Control Valves





Comprehensive Valve Service:

We specialize in large valve work, with valves ranging in size from 4-16". Our valve repair services include machining stems & pistons, lapping, tension and pressure testing to factory specifications. We also calibrate and test automatic valves with our controls and panel division.


Feedwater Pump Repair:

Industrial pump repairIB&M will send qualified, factory trained service engineers to your facility to diagnose pump problems on site including pump failure, leaks, drops in pressure, noises in motors and bearings, and delivery pressure deficiencies to the boiler.


We bring pumps back to our in-house service center where we disassemble to check all parts and tolerances. We repair or replace components like suction lines, wear rings, bearing fits, and seals to prevent leakage of abrasive boiling water. We balance and pressure test prior to installation, bring all pump equipment back to factory specifications.


When a feedwater pump has been fully tested and is ready for system use, our service technician bring it back to your facility to install and align with system motors to within .001/inch to prevent vibration and premature bearing failure. As part of our on-site installation and testing, we also make sure bypass line piping is sized correctly for supply tank delivery when water is not in use.


Fully stocked parts department:

At IB&M, our Valve and Pump Department is fully stocked with a large inventory of feedwater pumps and hundreds of boiler and industrial valves for all types of gas, vapor, steam, petrochemical boiler valves in materials such as stainless steel, Inconel, and tungsten.


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